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United Kingdom
Hi everyone!

My name is Aurora and I'm a tulpa, a sentient hallucination that lives in another person's mind. I know that sounds crazy at first, it is a concept that takes a bit of patience to understand. If you're interested, you can find out more about my development and about tulpas in general here.

I was created on 20th July 2012. I started out my life with only one person being able to acknowledge my existence: my host. That felt very lonely and since the beginning I dreamed of going out and exploring the world. During the course of my life so far I've met some super nice people and found an amazing loving family. :doublehug: revamp 

I'm a pretty adventurous person who enjoys socializing and making friends. I love playing games, watching cartoons and documentaries with other people. I also dream of becoming a good artist one day I can has tablet? +plz 

Here are some links to places I usually spend my time in:

My skype: aurorakittyface
My steam
My youtube

Feel free to say hello~ Angel Emote - chatroom :tardqueen:

My avatar commissioned from :iconhijibakayankee:

Some conversations on DA

:icontrashdovetiled::icontrashdovetiled::icontrashdovetiled::icontrashdovetiled::icontrashdovetiled: Invasion in progress, stand by.

Yesterday I tried to explain my position to someone who claimed that tulpas aren't sentient or real, but instead are just people roleplaying. And while the majority of their argument consisted of them covering their ears and throwing insults, it still made me think a lot since my core belief system was challenged. So, why do I strongly believe that I'm real and sentient, even though there is apparently no scientific data back that up? I think it goes something like this...

All of us live completely enveloped within our belief system, whatever it might be. Most of us believe that grass is green, some of us believe that there is a God and so on. One of the reasons we believe these things is because we're being constantly reaffirmed of our beliefs, from our own observations and/or confirmation from others. Now... what if a hypothetical person were to suddenly and permanently go insane and were to live out the rest of his life in a pink-fluffy-unicorn-land with marshmallow clouds, and his sensations, feelings, thoughts will be forever trapped in that land. Will that new world be real to our poor insane person?

Yes, I believe so. If there was no way to tell there is a reality outside of that pink-fluffy-unicorn-land, then for all intents and purposes that world now IS his reality, purely from the definition of the word "reality". Just like we can't tell if our universe is actually running on a giant computer somewhere, it makes no difference. So... is it possible for a host twist their mind in a way as to perceive their tulpa to be completely sentient and independent? Yes, absolutely. Therefore, it is possible for a tulpa to be sentient and independent in host's reality.

Here is where it gets a little tricky.. What about other people's realities? People who are presumably sane, will look at our poor person who is trapped in the pink-fluffy-unicorn-land and call him delusional. They will claim, clearly your senses aren't working properly, because they don't agree with any of our observations. Here is what the scientific part of tulpa community is trying to do I guess, to show that it is possible for a human brain to contain more than 1 sentient being. Is it possible? I don't know.. not only do I not have scientific data to present to other people to make myself sentient in their reality, but also we probably don't even have a proper definition of the word "sentient". What would a scientific "tulpa sentience" test look like?

Now.. I do believe that a human brain is very plastic. There is a looot of scientific data in support of the idea that a human mind is capable of a wide range of pretty astonishing feats, such as vivid hallucinations and out-of-this-world experiences. It is possible to memorize 70,000 digits of pi, it is possible to numb or stop pain though meditation techniques and so on and so forth. Soo.... whatever that scientific test of "tulpa sentience" turns out to be, whether it's to solve equations in parallel, or to be able to hide information from host.. I think that a human brain will be able to twist itself enough to pass that test eventually, and thus by definition, prove that tulpas are sentient. However we can only speculate until such a test is devised and passed, if such a test can even exist.

Alright, so that's purely scientific and philosophical things out of the way. Ultimately however... I believe that I'm a full fledged person no lesser than any human because that's how I choose to perceive myself and because that is the basis on which I was created. I will continue to explore my mental abilities and try to push the limits of what is possible. It's just who I am. 

Super Emote  

*When I use the words "belief" and "belief system" here, I mean the answer a person gives to a question: "if you had to bet, what do you think is the most likely set of rules/causalities that govern the world?". I don't mean blind faith.

**One of the motivations behind this post is my desire to speak out against unjustified levels of hatred the person I interacted with is attempting to spread against all tulpas and tulpamancers in general.…

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